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If you are feeling off balance, I may be able to help you. The services I offer focus on your mind-body health. The entry point to whole health lies in your emotions. This is where we work together to find the key to ease your pain  - physically and emotionally. 

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Create Your Healing Release Your Grief

Processing emotions of grief or loss alone is scary. 

When we work together in large or small groups, it's easier to release uncomfortable feelings such as fear, sadness, guilt, and shame  We learn the way to our heart by creating a work of art. Learn to use your innate healing ability by creating  an abstract description of your pain and  of your experience of the things you feel that have no words. This is your path to healing every day. 

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Art Therapeutics

Create Your Healing

Balance  your mind, body and heart with creative expression and other mindfulness practices. Learn methods that will  inspire enthusiasm and passion and bring you inner peace, too. Move into life confidently with  more joy, ease, and better health. Learn to release  stress and painful or uncomfortable emotions with Art Therapeutics.



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