Creative Awareness Practices
Healing, Fun, and Peaceful

Creative expression is a medicine for the heart. 

How we Deal with how we Feel

Art Heals


Meditation brings a centered calm that opens the door to our authentic healing creative expression.

Photography Heals


Photography is a creative expressive art and a mindfulness practice. Find peace when you focus outside of you. 

Writing Heals


Writing each day as a practice clears the mind and connects you with Life. 

About Us

Explore More of Life

Exploring the world with a curious open heart invites Life to guide us. This bring inner peace, healing and authentic creative expression in our life. When we are authentic and peaceful, creative and open, we allow others to be that way too. 

Everyone is an Artist

You were born to create. Sit with this. How does it feel? Want to learn how to let your Muse loose? Check out the blog for inspiration or my book or card deck for more information. 

You were created to create

Life is change. Creativity is change. Adapting to changes is natural when you know how to let go. It's a colorful, rich and healing journey waiting for you. 


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Sharing some of my thoughts and  creative expressions with you 

Sit With This