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The Dristi Gallery Gallery will be updated periodically with new art,  photographs, cards, paintings, prints and more. This new addition to the work is a dream slowly finding shape and form. Check back as I stock it from time to time with more  beauty and inspiration from my heart to yours. 


I offer my  short term coaching method, Solutions Coaching Method, to help you process emotions, find clarity and move into action. Find a solution to a problem, set goals, or plan action steps needed to meet a specific goal with me. Get the tools for staying on course to your life dreams.   

Classes and Workshops

Creative expression workshops and classes are available for your group to learn and experience the creative process as an enjoyable stress reducing mindfulness activity that balances the mind, body and heart. These classes and workshops are available as one-off's, as part of a series or as a retreat. 

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Balance  your mind, body and heart with creative expression and other mindfulness practices. Learn methods that will  inspire enthusiasm and passion and bring you inner peace, too. Move into life confidently with  more joy, ease, and better health. Learn to release  stress and painful or uncomfortable emotions with Art Therapeutics.


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