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I am an artist, photographer, author and integrative health and healing educator.  My work is currently focused on providing you with tools to expand your life experience and grow with Life and Loss.  The products, programs, and instructions are available to you here on my website and select retailers. 

It is my belief and experience that you can heal yourself. The body given half a chance can heal itself and the heart wants to show the way to peace,  acceptance, understanding and love. The programs I offer consist of a variety of practices designed to bring ease, physically, mentally and emotionally. When there is ease the connection to heart is effortless. This is the path to process and create healing as well as know the way to manifest your deepest desires. 

My Short Story

Like many creative people, I had a disruptive and challenging childhood. This was a blessing of sorts as I found at an early age that creative expression helped me feel better. Although I was not aware of what or how it was helping me, then, it became the remedy I reached for when I felt ill-at-ease. What was happening was the creative process disconnected me from the mental chaos and emotional stress related to events that were beyond my understanding. 

I learned naturally as any child will, that creativity is an innate self-healing method. Many of us have forgotten how creative expression helped us as children. We would build things, color, draw, paint, sing, dance or walk and run  in the woods, along a trail, on a beach. There were so many ways we naturally set our minds and heart free. 

Once I realized that creative expression was accepted and respected as a healing method, I switched my focus from holistic health and nutrition to writing and teaching others my healing remedies. It's been a colorful rich and long path that continues into the unseen horizon, with more information on the ways to heal, live and love Life. 

Creative expression and the practices the mindful, kindful practices I teach are free of side-effect and they are fun. 

Programs and Practices for Inner Peace and Healing 


Art Therapeutics is a healing method for releasing blocks and pain that stem from emotions. Creative expression is our medicine. It is through the creative process we  process and heal emotions that cause pain in the mind- body or heart.

When we have unresolved emotional pain we can be depressed or stressed or both. These are primary causes for life threatening disease, chronic health problems and depression.  If you suspect or know that medications and nutrition are not reaching the pain you feel it's time to call in your Muse.

At this time, my focus is to help you help yourself with programs and workshops that are in digital and print format. Sign up to join as a member for special downloads, offers and pricing on all products.
Create your healing by reaching for a proven remedy - reach for Art Therapeutics.

My Blog 

Here I share with you life through my lens. The words are from my heart to yours intended to connect and inspire your own path to peace. You can hopefully find photos, paintings, rhymes, musings and other creations here to uplift and inspire you to play, process, and practice your dance with Life.  Peace and Purpose through curious engagement with life is yours with practice.



Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher - Chopra Center University

Health and Nutrition Coaching Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York 

Columbia University Teachers College 

Art for Healing -Chapman University

B.S. College of Charleston, SC



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