About Denise ~

"Life does not give you a purpose, you give life a purpose "



 I am an artist, photographer, author and Mind-Body-Heart Consultant  who writes, paints, photographs, consults, and instructs mindfulness practices, especially creative expression to find inner peace. My mission is to share the ways I know to heal and deal with emotional pain and chaotic thoughts that trigger unhelpful conditioned responses and prevent inner peace. 

My Short Story

Like many creative people, I had a disruptive and challenging childhood. This was a blessing of sorts as I found at an early age that creative expression helped me feel better. I was able to disconnect from mental chaos and emotional stress from events beyond my understanding. 

 This was at first unconscious on my part but became my medicine. When I studied healing methods, one of which is creative expression, I learned that creativity is an innate self-healing method. Many of us just forgot how it helped us as children when we built things, or colored, drew, painted, sang and danced. 

So this medicine of mine turned out to be one everyone could benefit from. I set out to learn ways to constructively help others looking to find inner peace and more authentic, joyful and healthier life. It’s been a long path but I’ve found a way that feels right to me and want to help whoever I can with the work I call Art Therapeutics.  

 The Work is Growing 

Art Therapeutics is planning to balance internet and digital works and activities with real life meetings and gatherings. Details will be released in the late fall of 2018.  


Consultations, Classes and Workshops


Private health consultations and group workshops continue to be short term. The focus is on finding a self-healing process that works as your ‘medicine’ to eliminate and manage stressful situations and find inner peace. You are your own healer and Guru. 

The Blog 

Here I share with you life through my lens. The words are from my heart to yours intended to connect and inspire your own path to peace. You can hopefully find photos, paintings, rhymes, musings and other creations here to uplift and inspire you to play, process, and practice your dance with Life.  Peace and Purpose through curious engagement with life is yours with practice.



Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher

Chopra Center University

Health and Nutrition Coaching Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York 

Columbia University Teachers College 

Art for Healing 

Chapman University

B.S. College of Charleston, SC



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