Solutions Coaching Method


Solutions Coaching Method is an effective system to remedy challenges to decision making, problem solving and reaching goals. This process removes confusion  surrounding situations that obscure solutions blocking the way to success. When chaos is removed, clarity opens the doors to possibilities and  with clarity and previously unseen solutions light the way forward.

SCM is a five-part method for the resolution of problems. It is also an effective system to use for successfully solving problems and goal-planning.The process derives a unique creative plan of action that is flexible and delivers results. The five steps of SCM consist of Self- Identity, Perception, Vision-Possibilities, Planning and Action with Accountability. 


Identity - Self-knowledge

This is the foundation and a marker for successful outcomes. Self-knowledge is primary when considering solutions for problems as well as setting and achieving goals. Carefully assessing your skills and weaknesses and true desires, directly impact successful goal setting, planning, problem solving and decision making. Self-knowledge is where you find your truth, purpose, meaning, and passion for life. 

Perception- Problems and Goals 

It's natural when you truly know and accept who you are, this step allows your intuition to further inform you about your problem, challenge or situation. At this juncture of the process a problem or goal can change or appear differently. Also considered are any formerly unseen criteria around the problem, plan or goal. 


In this step, vision widens, perspective is full; you see and weigh the possibilities from your heart. Creative juices are flowing and merge with reality as you know yourself and the problem. The work you have done to get to your heart and the heart of the matter can reveal new, unique potentialities as you brainstorm with your coach. 


This step is a natural progression of  finding the ways to incorporate either the plan to reach a new goal into your day or setting up the execution of a determined resolution to a problem. Emphasis is on acknowledging self to keep things real and stress to a minimum while solving your problem and moving towards your goal. 

Action with Accountability 

Plans are only worth as much as the action we take. This step can be a one-time yes or no response or be a carefully laid out step by step plan. We are all different and this is where your self-knowledge and coach as a backboard, mirror or accountability partner can help you move forward with your plans. Action steps are always more successful when you include a way to be accountable for the actual doing of the action.