Thoughts with a View


Not really a blog or a gallery

This is where my thoughts run free

It's where I share words with a view

That might uplift or inspire you.

These are musings from my Heart

and the play with nature I call art.

It is in the woods and sea

And on the trails I find life free.

Come along and you'll see  

the natural way to liberty.

Freedom from Stress

Solutions Coaching Method is an inspired path to freedom. So much more than a coach or a program, it is a way of life to replace unnecessary stress with necessary joy, passion and love.

A Solutions Focused System

Every journey begins with the first step. Step into your real life with solutions. You can quickly see how to eliminate stress and drama holding you back from loving your life. Enjoy better health with increased calm, confidence and clarity with SCM.


Thougs and Views with some Interesting News

Clear the Way

I remember times  when I didn't see

the woods through the tree

Should I stay or go

I just worried so!

Now I found a sure way

to love each and every day.

Animals are Love

I love cows and dogs too

they just know what to do.

Bark or play, stay or moo

no thoughts of hurting you.

Take a clue from a cow

Sit and stare be here now.

Winds of Change

Change is here, it's in the wind

Feel it now, it comes from within.

Take a breath, breathe it in

Let it go and do it again.

It won't hurt to just be

take a breath, watch and see.

Rhyme to Heal

Rhyme to Heal

Make a rhyme to ease pain

You'll find its a fun game!

If you are ready to start 

Contact me to learn this art.

Rhyme to Heal, is a self healing practice developed by Denise Demaras to ease pain and chaos, increase joy and expand awareness.

The World through a Lens

Let your heart lead you to see

the whole world inside one tree.

With a lens worries will stray

then you know life is now and okay.

Take a moment to focus right now

on what's in front of you instead 

of the worry that is in your head.

Photography day trips coming! Join me for a quiet and inspiring day trip in nature. Informration to follow soon!

Tangled up in the View

Life can be a beautiful mess at times

Like the woods and trees wrapped in  vines.

You can get through your personal  woes

Look for the light and follow where it goes.

Light untangles the webs and vines, 

and reveals one or more signs. 

Choices can be tricky too

Contact me, I can help you. 

Need a problem solved in hurry

Give a call - don't worry.

We have a special now 

It will show you the way how!