Josh just finished building a house for his dog. Now he wants to put carpet on the floor of the doghouse to keep him pet warm during the cold winter months ahead. Josh measured the perimeter of the floor at 122 inches. Use this information to answer the following questions. Show your work under each question. 1. If the width measurement of the floor is 25 inches, how many square feet of carpet does josh need to cover the entire floor?. 2. If carpet costs $12.00 a square foot, how much will josh have to spend?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The Answer is: 1) 6.25 square feet. 2) Cost $75.00 of carpet.Step-by-step explanation:The perimeter is 122 inches. Let l be length and w be width:2l + 2w = 122The width is given as 25 inches:2l + 2(25) = 1222l + 50 = 1222l = 72l = 36Area is equal to the length times the width:a = l * wa = 36 * 25a = Β 900 square inchesDivide by 144 square inches to get square feet:900 / 144 = 6.25 square feet.Multiply the amount per square foot times the total cost:$12.00 * 6.25 = $75.00Hope this helps! Have an Awesome Day!! :-)