Se necesita 400 ladrillos para construir un muro de 9,5,metros de largo por 2,8 m de alto ¿que altura tendra un muro del mismo largo si se tiene 100 ladrillos?

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]H=0.70\ m[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:The question in English is400 bricks are needed to build a wall 9.5 meters long by 2.8 m high. How high will a wall of the same length if you have 100 bricks?step 1Find out the area of the wall with 400 bricks[tex]A=LH[/tex]where[tex]L=9.5\ m\\H=2.8\ m[/tex]substitute[tex]A=(9.5)(2.8)=26.6\ m^2[/tex]step 2Using proportionFind out the area of the wall with 100 bricks if the area with 400 bricks is equal to 26.6 square metersLetx ----> the area of the wall with 100 bricks[tex]\frac{400}{26.6}\frac{bricks}{m^2}=\frac{100}{x}\frac{bricks}{m^2}\\\\x=26.6(100)/400\\\\x=6.65\ m^2[/tex]step 3Find the height of the wall[tex]A=LH[/tex]where[tex]L=9.5\ m\\A=6.65\ m^2[/tex]substitute and solve for H[tex]6.65=9.5H[/tex][tex]H=0.70\ m[/tex]