Tom bought $65.86 worth of books at the book fair. He got 12% discount since he volunteered at the fair. About how much did Tom's books cost after the discount?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Tom's books cost him $57.9569 after the discountStep-by-step explanation:Step 1: Determine the initial cost of the booksInitial cost of books=$65.86Step 2: Calculate discount amountDiscount amount can be expressed as follows;discount amount=discount rate×initial cost of bookswhere;discount rate=12%initial cost of books=$65.86replacing;discount amount=(12/100)×65.86=7.9032discount amount=$7.9032Step 3: Cost after discountThe cost after discount can be expressed as;Cost after discount=Initial cost-discount amountwhere;Initial cost=$65.86discount amount=$7.9032replacing;Cost after discount=(65.86-7.9032)=$57.9569Tom's books cost him $57.9569 after the discount