what is the standard form of a line with the x intercept of 4 and y intercept of -2?

Accepted Solution

Answer:x-2y=4 Step-by-step explanation:So from the question we know the following:When something is x intercept it means y=0 so we have (4,0)When something is y intercept it means x=0 so we have (0,-2)Now you use these to find the slope using the formula m= (y2-y1)/(x2-x1)Plug in the valuesm= (-2-0)/0-4)m=(-2/-4)m= 1/2x-2y=4 Now you just plug this in slope intercept form y=mx+c, where c is y intercepty=1/2 x -2 Standard form: ax+by=cy=1/2 x -2 (rearrange to match the above equation)-1/2 x +y =-2 (multiply both sides by 2 because we can't have a fraction for a in the standard form)-1x+2y=-4 (now multiply both sides by -1 because a cannot be negative)x-2y=4