About Denise

Growing With Change


A Creative Life of Learning through Losses, Changes, Disruptions, Heartbreaks, and Dreams

Art Heals

People who had challenging childhoods can develop creative skills at an early age in order to cope with any stress and confusion that disruption causes.The  Creative process is an innate self-healing method. It naturally helps to lessen emotional pain and physical pain, as it eases stress. So it works as a natural pain reducer. 

I was one of those lucky children who learned to use creativity to reduce emotional turmoil from an early age. My family moved often, which caused me a great deal of fear and anxiety. Since I was naturally a quiet girl, I had to step up my presence and personality, really, change myself from the core, so I could step out and connect with others.

It is possible to change when the situation calls for it. 

Whenever a person is faced with doing something new or unexpected, maybe giving a speech or going to an interview, it's helpful to know how to detach from emotions that fearful mental thoughts can create. We all face changes.Life is change. Whether it is a move in residence, change in job, a loss or illness, seriously even writing a resume, a letter or a book can cause feelings of overwhelm and create anxiety. The mind loves a good drama.

Embracing Change

Change and challenge was the catalyst for my career path. The study of ways to heal myself of emotional pain and mental stress was one that I knew was crucial to living well. I knew that without tools or a process I would not be able to breakthrough fear and find ease to thrive. 

The search for ease continued after I graduated from college. I worked in the spa and hospitality industry learning ways to enhance and promote well-being. My interest in self healing increased and led me back to school. There I immersed myself in learning current and ancient health and nutrition concepts, healing methods and philosophies from around the world. I became certified as a holistic health and well-being educator,  counselor and life coach.

Solutions Coaching Method

I developed the Solutions Coaching Method as a system to remedy problem solving, eliminate confusion and achieve health and life goals. It is the subject or my upcoming book and the method I teach and use to live more effortlessly with life. 

More Details 

I was born in New York and from early in life, my family moved often and this became a way of life for me. I learned how to be the 'new girl' by letting go of familiarity to start over again and again. Though at times it was a painful process it led me to the healing powers of creative expression. 

Creativity, especially drawing while listening to music, playing with fashion and writing helped me to express myself , process emotions and connect with others, too. In one school I started a school paper, writing, taking photos and illustrating were  inspired and inspiring for my teenage personality.  It's only human to need to connect with others. Creativity was my way. 

"A child finds a beautiful sense of foreverness in a short time.” 

The Gift of Disruption

A disruptive childhood can be a gift just as much as it could be a curse. I chose to think of it as a gift and so I have been blessed many times. Interruptions in the course of living life have led me to find ways to connect with others, break through fear and accept differences in others as interesting. It made me curious about people and the many ways to live.

 “Many moves taught me how to roam and know that in my heart I was home.“

Even as an adult, the need to move followed me, whether it was a job change, natural disaster, or a personal reason, I continued to feel the rug tug from under my feet. When I returned to school in New York to get certification from Columbia University Teachers College and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for Holistic Health and Nutrition, I then went on to become board certified as a Health and Nutrition Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I continued from there to Southern California where I became a Chopra certified Meditation teacher and a Chapman certified Art for Healing Instructor. 

"Yet regardless of the past, I always thought this move would be the last."

Everything fell into place.I was ready to launch my new practice, and then it happened. On Christmas Eve, 2009, I was in a car accident.While sitting at a stop light, my car was rear-ended by a fast moving car and pushed into another car. The result was serious  injury to my spine that delayed my plans to move to Los Angels and launch my newly expanded practice. 

Life Leads the Way 

I learned that change and disruption always had a surprising gift for me, so without a fuss, I followed the way I was shown. As in the past, Life informed me and I commenced with more search for self-healing methods. And many were found, and one discovered. 

Self-Healing is Fun 

I also found a new way to release emotional resistance, too. In the end, the very accident that stopped me in my tracks sent me further on my path to self-healing.The healing work I did at this time resulted in my book and card deck, Heal from Your Heart with Breath, Rhyme, and Art. The book is a guide to self-healing to help anyone struggling with pain, stubborn emotional and mental blocks, negativity and stress. 

What People Are Saying


“My relationship with food is now healthy and so am I! Thank you for the time we spent together, it has changed my life. No more struggling with weight or self-image issues, I’m sleeping better, too.”

Jennifer, West Hartford, CT


“I love the cards, the paper quality is better than I expected and the artwork gorgeous! I matted and framed them and gave as gifts – all were pleased!”

Tracy, Thousand Oaks, CA 


“The book and card deck are everything anyone needs to find peace in a moment’s notice. I will surely get more to give as gifts. This was the biggest takeaway for me, making rhymes and art is really a fun way to ease my heart. J” 

Irene, Nashville, TN



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A 60 minute coaching session to discuss your goal. This is followed by some homework that to create a plan or solution that brings quick results. In a matter of days you will be working with your plan. The next call is in 2 weeks and is 30 minutes to review your progress and refine your goals or your plan. 

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