I offer a results-focused coaching process to help you attain your health and life goals, as well as, improving problem solving and   managing changes that challenge you. The process I developed and practice to help you move forward is the Solutions Coaching Method.

Currently I am offering a one time introductory special that includes    

2 coaching calls to show you how quickly Solution Coaching Method delivers! To take advantage of this one time offer contact me. 

A 60 minute coaching session to discuss your goal. This is followed by some homework that to create a plan or solution that brings quick results. In a matter of days you will be working with your plan. The next call is in 2 weeks and is 30 minutes to review your progress and refine your goals or your plan. Only $115.00


Solutions Coaching Method is a process to simplify goal setting, solve problems and plan the way to reach a desired outcome. Whether it is problem in planning to reach a goal or the goal is solving a problem, this is a method that delivers results. 

This five-part process takes you from start to finish of your goal-setting or problem solving. It includes life-changing techniques to move forward confidently and solve problems with minimum stress and assured success. 

The Solutions Coaching Method steps are identity, understanding, possibilities, planning and action. In line with holistic philosophy, which teaches that we are all unique, all coaching sessions are customized and framed around the differing needs, desires and intentions of each client to bring successful resolution.

I also teach Meditation and Art and Creative Expression for stress reduction, overall health improvement and fun.  

Rates vary by class size 

Meditation, mindfulness and creative expression practices are integrated and included in 6 month Coaching Packages.