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Art Therapeutics Health Consultation Services use creative expression as the remedy to process and heal emotions that cause pain - in the mind- body or heart. 

When we have unresolved emotional pain we can be depressed or stressed or both. These are primary causes for life threatening disease, chronic health problems and depression.  

When you know that medications and nutrition are not reaching the pain you feel it's time to call in your muse. Reach for Art Therapeutics. 

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Create Your Healing

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Begin with Basics


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The first step to feeling better is facing and defining the emotion. This often leads to the cause, the event, the words, the relationship the root of the emotion that is creating discomfort, depression, or drudgery. Once you can see it, say it and know it, you can see the way to live without unnecessary pain and drama. 

This is a one month program consisting of: 

4 - 20 minute calls 


Email and Texting Support


Live from your Heart


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This 3 month program guides you through emotional processing so you can create your healing and a new way to live from the core of of your being. When you are living from your  heart, you are connected to and guide by your Muse - your true self. 

The program consists of 

6 hours of consultation calls


Email and Texting Support


Signed book and card deck

Vegan Consultation Services


Enjoy the health benefits of a Vegan diet

Are curious about how to transition into a healthy vegan diet  or looking to add more quality vegan food into your diet? 

This program of 1-3 months is custom tailored to meet your individual needs. You can eliminate animal products from your diet without sacrificing taste or nutrition while supporting a cruelty free and sustainable environment.

Program consists of:

 2- 30 minute calls each month 

Email and Texting support

Health History - Questionnaire  Recipes

Tips to stay True 

How to order in non-vegan restaurants 


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