Workshops Designed for Your Group

Everyone is an Artist

The following three workshops listed can be scheduled for your group as a one off or as part of a series.  Creativity increases creativity. The possibilities are endless. This is for everyone -no art experience necessary.

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Creative Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness with Photography

Photography is a mindfulness technique that brings you into the moment by connecting you with life now. When you take photos your focus changes and you see things that  you ordinarily would miss. Expand your life with this new view and create beautiful images too. Camera or camera phone needed.

Mindful Creative Expression

A 3 hour event using creative expression as a mindfulness technique. The creative exercises can be  theme or emotion-event directed as indicated by the group. Various materials are used  with  prompts from guided story and music. These  creative explorations are fun and also powerful tools for processing emotions and eliminating stress.

Write Your Way to Peace

This workshop employs automatic writing, rhyming, and art to tell your story and process emotions that come up.  We  warm up with rhyming and creating a cover for our journal or book and then write automatically from our heart.