Flower Power


Flower Power


It’s as simple as it could be

Look at each bud and tree

or at a leaf or sunflower

to know real power.

Just like you and me

we all glow naturally.

Mindful walking is a meditation and exercises the mind-body and heart. I make the intention to do it every morning. It makes a positive difference in my life.

Connecting with the earth and the air around you by walking brings ease, shifts moods, gives gratitude and comfort from and for life. This practice helps to improve your physical, mental and emotional balance and shows you awareness to the natural cycles of growth. We are part of an amazing creation and within each of us there are so many creations too!

So next time you walk, let your mind wander and your heart open as you breathe in the life and beauty around you..

Pain Killing Drugs End Pain – Take Lives


Purple LotusPurple rain purple rain

It’s hard to face his pain –

So sad to hear the news tonight

the man who brought us all delight.

Worked his body hard and long

needed help to feel well and strong.

Lets honor him and love our life

feed your body with love and light.