Conscious Living for Inner Peace and Happiness

Conscious living involves being connected or focused on what is going on outside and inside the body, mind and heart in each moment. When we live this way we can experience life living though us and are then able to make changes mindfully. When we make changes mindfully in each  moment we are able to maintain inner peace, happiness and calm in the face of mayhem. This takes concentrated effort so it is often called a mindful practice.

Life is busy for everyone and on top of that distractions come at us in many shapes and forms. Since most of us are hard-wired to respond to each one, it is helpful to have a mindful practice you love to do to keep you centered and focused.

Letting Go is Key to Mindful Living 

A full life acknowledges that each moment is a precious part of the whole life. In these increments of time and space, moments hold and release change. If we embrace the changes objectively and surrender to it – we can move into the largest and most spectacular expressions of ourselves.

Just as the caterpillar inChange is Lifeside the cocoon begins it’s transformation in the dark, staying connected to life, it experiences glimpses of light as it grows.  If the caterpillar pushed to get out of the dark it would have lived and died without fully developing. And if it rushed out to be in the light before it’s muscles and wings were fully developed it never would have flown. The world would never have seen it’s magnificence.

Living with awareness is trusting life to reveal the best possible choices for you.

You are changing just like the butterfly growing inside the cocoon. In each moment you are new and changing form in some way. You might not see it now, but in time you will look back and see how different you and your life have  become.

Mindfulness is the Gateway to Unlimited Possibilities

The most remarkable changes occur slowly over time. Unnoticeable to the human eye, even miniscule changes in our bodies or in our thinking minds, add up to a new person and a new life. When we live consciously, one step or moment at a time, we are naturally informed with whatever information we need to live well.  Even huge life-altering events in life can be managed with more ease and grace when we live mindfully.

You can make conscious changes with mindful practices.

Use mindfulness practices to improve your:

  • Relationships 
  • Decision Making
  • Creativity
  • Health and well-being
  • Memory
  • Sleep
  • Confidence


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