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Practicing Photography is an excellent way to be mindful and aware, to quiet the mind in the natural beauty around us.

You experience awareness when you are fully present, aware of everything as it happens, inside and outside of you. The thoughts you think and that whi...

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What is Awareness?

Whenever possible take the time to enjoy the calming moments a sunset can give you.

Whether its past memories, negative thinking or destructive behavior patterns, it's possible to let it go. You can use a practice to quickly ease your...

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Let Go with Breath

A focal point to ring you into a naturally  calming meditation can be found by watching the waters flow in time with your breath.

I painted this one morning while I was recovering from an accident. In the beginning of recovery, I could not do more than short walks for exercise. I...

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Love Your Body

La Casa Pond

Mindful Problem Solving Maybe you’ve experienced a time in your life when a¬† problem (theirs or yours) created a major drama and in the end tur...

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Stress-Less Problem Solving

Fountains move water for our enjoyment, they move hearts too.

I painted this without thinking one day, I was very happy because of a sweet memory.If you want to shift into peace or joy, choose a memory that makes...

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Be a Perfect Stranger

Flowers and turning leaves keep the attention to the changes and patterns of nature.

Studying a flower is a mindful way to find ease. I painted to process pain and understand my injuries from a car accident. During the time, I painted ...

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Flower Power

Sunny beach day at Channel Islands

Beauty calls for you to see Love’s in the air and flies free. Love is beauty – gives you peace takes away pain gives you grace. Notice bea...

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Beauty is Love

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