Create a Better Life and Build a Better Body in One Month

A Simple Practice to Build a Better Body and Life

Denise DeMaras paintingHolistic philosophy is often misunderstood to mean all natural, when in fact it means each person is unique in every way. We each have different nutritional needs and requirements for our health and well-being. One diet, medicine, therapy, exercise routine, does not fit all.

Medical science agrees because evidence shows that there are inconsistent responses to food, medications and treatments from one person to the next. Also, researchers have found that these differences occur outside of standard groups or categories of people. Even more fascinating though is that your unique remedies for your best physical, mental, and emotional health changes all the time.
Finding your specific needs and remedies takes a conscious effort – it is an inside job.

Aside from some common universal needs such as food, clothing, shelter, water, and air, we each have different and ever-changing needs, remedies, and life solutions. That is; Zen works for me but cozy and frilly might work for you. I like cooked veggies but you need raw and so on. We all need to find what makes our hearts healthy, and our spirits soar.

Finding your specific needs and the ways you enjoy meeting them is as complicated as the mind would have you believe. A simple holistic approach is mindfulness. A practice – awareness journaling – to connect with your true nature is a powerful way to stay aware of thoughts in your mind that help or prevent us from doing what we need and want to live well.

Try This:

You can write or use your phone or a digital recorder, to log the foods and beverages you consume along with the reactions your body has (to them) over the course of a day. The intention is to name everything – the foods, beverages, people, places and activities that support your health and happiness.

Notice and record in detail the:

  • environment you eat in (people, places, etc.)
  • foods, beverages and the temperatures, spices, etc.
  • thoughts you have during, after, before and between meals
  • sustenance of a meal – how long a meal sustains you
  • reactions from each meal such as fatigue, anxiety, irritable
  • digestive issues the foods cause
  • time you eat and how long you take to eat

Remember to question your impulses to eat more or between meals. Take a few minutes when ‘hunger’ arises to practice deep breathing, take a walk or drink a glass of pure water. Then ask and answer – what are you really want – food or? This question is especially helpful if you are an emotional eater or are prone to procrastinate or feel ‘bored’. It also brings awareness to behaviors like smoking that you want to change.

This practice will add a deeper level of consciousness to your life – not just your diet needs but your whole life needs. Inside of a month’s time, you will see your choices become more intuitive and support your health and life goals. Your path will become clear and life more passionate.


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 Manage Loss and Grief with Mindfulness

me_and_cassie-about (2)Sometimes events in our lives seem to stop time. Painful or life-altering, these events can  trap us in a story about the event. Negative or hateful thoughts can cloud us from the only real thing in Life – Love.

I lost my dog Friday, she was the reason I woke up each day for nearly 11 years. She shaped my days and nights. Her departure is a deep loss; she was my home and the event has changed me. Just like she changed me.

We’ve All Been There

During these times, practicing awareness is a way to transcend negative, critical, or life-sucking thoughts and experience relief – the relief that is Life. Awareness or mindfulness practices help us transcend the story our mind creates around loss.

I practice, teach, and write about mindfulness practices because they work – they make life worth loving. One of my practices is wearing reminder bracelets – one says Be Love and the other says Gratitude. A simple glance at my wrist brings me back HERE when thoughts arise that are sad, damning and untrue stories. The only truth is love.

Another practice with my bracelets is to say thank you to my girl, hold her in my heart and recite it because it keeps me in love and appreciation. Cassie enriched my life and made me a better person.

Anywhere and time, you can shift into love with this mindfulness practice.

Try This:

  • Sit quietly with eyes closed
  • Take several slow, deep four-count-four part breaths
  • Hold a vision in your mind of the people or animal involved in the event
  • Recite a self-made prayer such as: Thank You. You made me a better person and showed me the way to open my heart, give and love unconditionally.  I am eternally grateful.

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 Create Flow in Your Life

Loving life is the path to living a life you love

Loving life is the path to living a life you love

Changes, like the seasons, allow fresh new energy and air in to our life.  We gain a new perspective as we shift things around. Old things can become new.  And entirely new ideas can surface. And that is fun. 

And you don’t even have to leave your trusted old path, home, office or relationship to experience life as new and fun all you need is the courage to mix it up. Salvage whatever doesn’t work or fit by improving or repairing it or – let it go.

The path of mind-body-heart is the one I’ve traveled for many years. It’s always provided me with new ways to balance and love life. This is where I play detective. If you are a member, you know I’m a big fan of detective stories.  On stage and in life, finding solutions intrigues and inspires me. What is your path and what motivates you to move along it?   

If you are still wishing instead of living, or lost your way for a moment, a month or more,   join us here to find ways to create the life you love. You can also choose to work with me privately.



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Think Out-of-the-box with Aquarius

If you are bursting like the blossom below with ideas, you are feeling Aquarius energy.   20150131_154121 (2)

If you’ve noticed some bright ideas filtering into your consciousness thank water-bearing sign for them. Don’t let them get away, use this next month or two to work them. Often these ideas seem far-fetched or ‘off-the-wall’, but even more often  they are ingenious, creative and out-of-the-box solutions for living. Tweak them to rock more flow in your work and personal life this spring.








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