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Heal from Your Heart with Breath, Rhyme and Art

A Practical Guide to Living with Passion and Joy

This guide to self-healing practices  features original artwork, verses and Rhyme to Heal, a creative self-healing practice. This is a program with a simple, straightforward methodology that will restore your innate healing abilities and natural creative nature.

It works and it’s fun!

Heal Yourself with Breath, Rhyme and Art

A Practical Guide to living with Passion and Joy

Learn to release your mental, emotional and physical  blocks using the natural biological and energetic rhythms in your body, mind, and spirit. Heal  emotional pain and release mental tension through these self-healing practices.

Bring joy back into your life with renewed meaning and purpose. Live more creatively with passion and joy as you find balance in the body, mind, and heart. Learn how now. $24.95.

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Heal from Your Heart Companion Card Deck


Self Healing Practices Cards

The companion card deck for the book, Heal from Your Heart with Breath, Rhyme and Art can stand alone or  serve to further guide you as you learn these fun and powerful healing practices. Available here for $18.95.

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$18.95 plus S/H


     Set Your Heart Free 

Holistic Healing is a heartfelt process, it starts from understanding and accepting our feelings. feelings

Healing your heart can be fun! Inspire your life with creative and mindful practices.

Simple. Effective. Great Fun.

Inspire your life, ignite your creativity and light up your heart with these practices.




 A Practical Guide to Healing Your Heart

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