Dancing is a Natural Anti-Aging Treatment and Mindful Practice with a Multitude of Health and Beauty Benefits







If you love to dance, most likely you know well its mood enhancing benefit. Dance is uplifting and refreshes our spirits. Also, dance helps manage depression and prevent premature aging in our body mind and spirit. Dancing is a natural anti-aging treatment you can practice (almost) anywhere.

When we dance regularly, we stay young and enjoy:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Greater body awareness
  • Stronger muscles and bone
  • Better balance
  • Improved posture
  • Sharper memory
  • Less depression and fatigue
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • More energy
  • Social engagement
  • The healing powers of touch

Dance benefits do not stop there – dancing can also help heal trauma and prevent unnecessary disease.

Dancing instruction began as a therapy class in the U.S. during the 1940’s to help World War II Vets process and heal psychological trauma. Many times when there are deep-seated traumas and emotional pain, there are no words to express or convey the pain – even to ourselves. Creativity allows for processing and expressing emotions without the limitations of words.

It’s necessary to express pain or it remains unresolved leaving residues or blocks in the body, mind or heart. These blocks increase stress and can develop from discomfort to disease. When we practice expressive creative therapies, stress is naturally reduced allowing the clearing away of pain (blocks). This way w prevent unnecessary discomfort and disease, manage and heal existing conditions.

Among the many conditions that benefit from creative therapies are addictive behaviors, trauma, depression, heart disease, cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. As an on-going mindful practice, creativity is a healthy holistic way to prevent, heal or manage health.

Creative Expression Therapies are Anti-Aging

When you practice creativity, music, art or dance, you are practicing a natural health remedy that is also an anti-aging treatment. Dancing, in particular, has the added benefits of helping you build better mobility, coördination, and balance while stimulating the mind and engaging us socially. These are all important markers of youth and factors for living healthy with clear minds, and happy hearts.

Many dances include a partner, and with that there is a deeper healing benefit from the embrace. Tango dancer and teacher, Angeles Chanaha says there is power in the well-known Tango embrace. “When two hearts are beating as one with two bodies moving as one, coherence is created between mind and body. (It is) like a dancing meditation, providing a safe place to explore your emotions and thoughts as well as to express the full range of your sensuality and eventually even heal your body.”

When you dance the Tango, the embrace is deep, and trust develops gradually and gently with carefully guided stops and starts. The dance is like a story of life and relationships. If you want to learn the Tango or Creative Expression Therapies for fun or to heal and process your emotions, contact me at denise@denisedemaras.com for more information.




Create Changes with Courage, Compassion and Consideration for Yourself and Others

September 27-28 Full Moon – Total Lunar EFull Moon, Magic, mystery, aLive with the full moon magic in your heart everyday to add mystery, magic and adventure to your daysclipse – Aries 5 Moon

Autumn began with Mercury Retrograde in Libra and the Sun in Libra followed. Now we have a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aries. Lunar Eclipses are emotional and all about relationships. This time, we have one in the relationship axis. This could be a doozy for some.

But the ‘relationship’ issue may impact other than a romantic relationship. The Big Moon Event being in Aries could signal an awareness or conflict in the relationship to self – as well to another or others. Libra wants balance and often that means compromise. She wants it so badly, she often sacrifices herself. In time anxiety builds with resentment, unhappiness, and shallow relationships – buried emotions will find a way to surface.

This autumn, use this gift of the Aries Eclipse to find your inner child. It can show up defiantly or heroically by choice or circumstance with this Cosmic energy. Without micromanaging her/him, keep your outer adult (Libra) on the lookout for possibilities to co-create with Life, a win-win situation for your true desires and personal dream teams.

During this full moon period ( a few days before and after have strong effects), you could plan to finish things began on the New Moon. Since Mercury has been retrograde during this time, it’s possible you’ve had some delays in your progress, the key here is to move with and play with Life. The Eclipse is certain to shed some new light leading to changes in circumstances. A door may close as one opens, or you may have a choice – what is behind door number 3?

Whatever change is brewing, you instinctively and intuitively have brought into your life. Anytime we initiate change, fear can slip into our minds. Take some time to meditate and breathe, as you pause before action. Once you take action and fear will disappear. It’s time to go ahead with your plans and mission.What is holding you back?

Find Balance

There is a relationship (with self, another or part of your life) that needs to change to flourish and grow. Proceed with your awareness using Libran energy – diplomacy, grace, compromise, negotiation, and above all balance without over sacrificing yourself. Be the playful, brave, authentic, assertive leader that is Aries too.

You can strengthen current relationships or build new ones by learning ways to take action independently while including others in the process, project, or partnership. Current energies include the possibilities of a new way of relating, delegating and working together.

Emotional outbursts and surprising new directions are stated typically during a full moon.  You can expect them from you or by another in the areas where you’ve been holding back your true feelings. Breathing or meditating, walking or creative expression will help you make changes with calm.

You can balance your needs with others’ needs without extended and explosive chaos. There’s a sweet spot between independence and dependence.  Some astrologers give an eclipse up to 6 months time of influence! Use this time to find – co-create a way to grow in and with your relationships  balancing your inner child and outer adult.

Shape a More Flexible Life and Body, Naturally and Safely with a Gentle Yoga Practice

Grounded in energy(1)









Years have gone by and still I continue to be a regular gentle yoga student. I do so because it continues to improve my body – yes, I am an ‘older’ woman now, but my body seems younger than it was a dozen years ago when I began my practice. I believe yoga – gentle easy, slow and challenging has played a big part in my mind-body-heart health. It’s also been my answer to looking and feeling younger.

I’m not a yogini of great accomplishment in terms of acrobatic flexibility or ability in advanced yoga poses. But I am an accomplished yogini with commitment and dedication to the practice. Being consistent in anything in life is key to reaping the gifts of it. This applies to our routines from the thoughts we think to the things we do.

In a gentle practice of yoga we learn to slow down.It is more of a meditation and it naturally eases any ‘worry lines’ and gently twists excess from your waistline. You also become aware of your thought patterns as well as changes in your body from day to day. You really get to know yourself, what your body and life needs. You move with Life.

The gentlest of twists and turns, stretches and breaths dramatically alters the body and experience of life in general in a gentle slow yoga practice.

Stay young, flexible and in touch with your body. Learn to feed your body and mind,  heart and soul the things that let it shine.

Do you want to learn more about aging beautifully, living naturally and enjoy the best health of your life? Contact me denise@denisedemaras.com

Do Your Birthdays Make you Feel Sick or Blue?

birthday heart

Make your special day one that’s directed by your body and it will gift you with a beautiful, balanced outlook and body.

Birthdays can make you sick or blue –

unless you do what’s good for you.

In your heart you know

what your body needs to glow.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve learned that my birthday was a day to enjoy not dread. I did all I could in the past to ignore and hope others did too, my ‘special day’. Not so much because of aging – it was  the celebrating that got me down. Feasting on yeast and sugar never agreed with my body, and ‘celebrations’ always resulted in feeling and looking awful and older, too.

We all know that each moment the body is aging, inside and out – but just like a flower or a heart opening – it can be a beautiful natural unfolding. I learned to slow down, listen to my body and heart. This has seemed in turn to slow down my body, mind and heart clock too. You can age easily, beautifully naturally and healthily.

Focus on What’s Good for You

You can enjoy your birthday this year by honoring your body by doing what’s good for it. Taking care of your body and balancing with mind and heart are keys to aging beautifully. To do this, take some time to clear through any mental clutter with a mindfulness ritual or practice.When you do this with the intention to connect with your heart, you will automatically know what your body wants and needs every day.

Try this:

  • Sit comfortably with closed eyes
  • Inhale deeply, exhale slowly
  • Place your attention on your breath
  • Begin to count to 5 as you breathe in
  • Then count to 7 as you release the breath
  • Do this for 10-12 breath cycles

Listen to Your Body to Know What it Wants

Listening to what the body wants and needs takes practice. The mind distracts with duties, like work or usual activities. A clue is to notice resistance to a thought in your mind or from another. Phrases such as, yes, but, or you should, often signal a conditioned response for doing something different. Consider the source and question whether it’s valid – healthy or necessary.

Practicing mindfulness every day keeps you connected to your body-mind and heart needs. You’ll find all you need to support your goals, extend your youthful spirit and appearance, and balance it with good health and action that supports your dreams and goals.

You can live each day inspired and fresh, balanced and beautiful with the intention to connect to your body-mind and heart.

To learn more about feeding your body, mind and heart for a balance, beauty, and health, contact me. denise@denisedemaras.com





Beauty is what sets our heart in motion – it is both the inner stirrings of the heart and that which stirs the heart.

Beauty is a key to health, happiness, success and life

Beauty makes us feel happy, successful, creative – alive. It energizes our hearts, inspires our lives and expands our experience of life. We love to see it, make it and show it others. Whether we are working on our hair, room, outfit, relationship, home or career, we want to make it beautiful.
A few points to keep in mind about creating a beautiful life are:

Beauty is Individual and is Everywhere

We each have our unique ideas about what is beautiful. Beauty is seen and available everywhere. Our hearts are the center of our spirit and physical life – feeding us life one level and inspiration on another. Without a mind-body-heart connection on an energetic or spiritual level, we lose the light of inspiration. Life can be passionless and automatic.

However, with a heart-centered connection, we naturally know whatever we need to create or see the beauty in our lives. And often this happens before we realize we needed or wanted an answer to something in our lives – before there is even a question. How beautiful is that!

When you live from your heart, it is beautiful, feels like success and you are happy. This inspired living is beyond accomplishing goals. It’s in the way we naturally move with life – every moment.

If it’s in Your Path, It’s Part of Your Beautiful Path

In other words, whatever happens is there for you. When a surprising event occurs, allow it into your life. As it becomes part of your beautiful plan, it supports your health, beauty, and clarity. If you fall into a trap believing an event is undesirable, you add more stress to your life which takes away from the beauty. So let it all be a gift you accept.

Learning ways to look upon unplanned events with curiosity and acceptance increases creativity and possibilities for an even more beautiful experience. It may prove to be an invaluable part of your beautiful plan. Using a mindfulness practice such as breath awareness, can help you know and remember this when surprises arise.

There are No Mistakes See the Beauty in Everything

A wonderful mantra to use in life is “there are no mistakes’. When we drop any preconceived notions of a right or wrong way, we’re free to follow our heart, find beauty in a things and create our dream fearlessly. Being mindful we trust that life shows us what we need to know and do next. Every step you take is life beautifully unfolding and with a heart connection you’ll avoid unnecessary stress.

Everything changes. Whatever you need to create your beautiful life  is there for you exactly when  you need it. You just need to learn the ways to trust and allow it to be.  Life is always promising and showing us our own beauty and abundant beautiful possibilities.

To learn more on how to create a beautiful life contact me for a consultation.