Find Inner Peace

We can find inner peace by focusing on the moment and not the thoughts in our minds. Engaging with the thoughts about the past or future prevents peace as it creates worry, fear and gets us busy planning. This is a trap and it takes practice to avoid falling into it. When you use an awareness (mindfulness) practice such as meditation and creativity, you can tap into living life one moment at a time.  SW Mandala - $ 750.00


Living one moment at a time doesn’t mean ignoring responsibility or living recklessly –  living in the present gives a heightened sense of awareness and reveals unlimited possibilities. It’s also healing, healthy and fun.

The most remarkable changes happen slowly over time. The smallest, most miniscule changes in our bodies or in our thinking minds  create a new person and a new life – over time.

Living consciously, in each moment, we’re naturally informed with whatever we need to live well. We know when to wait, when to move. Even the biggest life-altering events in life can become easier to manage with a natural, unplanned casual grace.


Let Go to Experience Authentic Living

Just as the caterpillar inChange is Lifeside its cocoon begins its transformation in the dark, staying connected to life, it experiences glimpses of light as it grows.  If the caterpillar pushed to get out of the dark it would have lived and died without fully developing. And if it rushed out into the light before its muscles and wings were fully developed it never would have flown. The world would never have seen its magnificence. It never would have flown!

Living with awareness is trusting life to show you the best possible choices for you.

You are changing just like the butterfly growing inside the cocoon. In each moment you are new and changing form in some way. You might not see it now, but in time you will look back and see how different you and your life have  become.

As we live, we change. Practicing awareness makes life choices more enjoyable and easier. You’ll also realize satisfaction and fullness in all the many parts of your life naturally.

Heal from Your Heart with Breath, Rhyme and Art

Create your Healing

This new program will show you simple yet effective ways to live mindfully while having fun. Mindful living is passionate heart-felt living. Connect with your heart and create changes that will bring you more joy, love and grace.

Join me here to get your free e-book, Set Your Heart Free. You’ll learn simple, effective and fun practices to help you make choices that support your full potential and brightest dreams.

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Inner peace is crucial for deep long lasting healing for the body, mind and heart. It also is key for creating world peace. Old hurts and slights from out childhood or past, can fester and create a nasty, personality that is mean, violent and full of rage or sad and depressed – suicidal, too. Though we may not remember these consciously, our thoughts and behavior can signal unrest and manifest as disease, criminal or reckless living.

Parenting and Violence

When the Dalai Lama traveled to Vancouver in 2006 to open a new center for peace, he answered questions from a few leading scientists of the world in front of an audience of 14,000. In his talk, he said that violence was the result of early life experiences of abuse and poverty which creates stress and anxiety. A violent temperament from stress and anxiety is alleviated and changed with a new perspective such as, seeing the positive and not the negative, was a way to heal this anger.


Compassion is easily understood according to the Dalai Lama when we observe a nurturing mother. Deepak Chopra asked if it would help the cause of peace to elevate and dignify motherhood as a profession. The Dalai Lama smiled and agreed. Rethinking the status and role of parenting is tantamount to a peaceful, productive and prosperous society and world culture.

Once people develop compassion, a more meaningful dialogue can take place, In essence the Dalai Lama said world peace begins with compassion, inner peace, and tolerance. Peace can be ours when we accept each others as brothers and sisters, and all are one.

Mental and Emotional Disorders

Psychiatrist Alan Young, questioned the Dalai Lama about the lack of compassion for the mentally ill – why are people so intolerant of mental illness and not physical illnesses. Dalai Lama had no response other than it would be good to research this in the new peace center.

The Dalai Lama said he felt “for a successful and happy life much of it depends on our mental outlook, ”and that it did not rely on money, power or health but a calm mental state allows you to enjoy life in peace.

Practice to Find Inner Peace

A calm mental state accelerates healing from physical injury as well as heal heartbreak, anxiety and past wounds from childhood. In my book and card deck, Heal from Your Heart with Breath, Rhyme and Art, I offer a chronicle of my healing journey to support and inspire the reader and participant through the program. It has a clear methodology  that easy to follow, entertaining and fun to do. It also works for anyone wanting and willing to heal their emotions or relieve physical and mental pain.

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A New Archetype for the Western Woman

060Nearly 1 in 5 American women ends her childbearing years without having borne a child, compared with 1 in 10 in the 1970′s”(Pew Research Center Summer 2010 Report). And the statistic are even stronger in Europe. Clearly, we have experienced a major shift in society and our culture is being reshaped, too.

Women, just like men, come in all sizes and shapes, and they now have as many choices as  men about there lives, as well. We are free to choose a career, creative or  spiritual fulfillment,  marriage and children, or have it all. This  was due equally to the birth of contraception in the sixties and the feminist movement.

However, choosing a life-path without children is met with discrimination and negative judgments by many. Those people who are still unconscious to the new paradigm for the role women are playing in the world do not understand women living a life without children.  What is worse is whether by choice or circumstance women without children openly meet disapproval consistently from other women with children, their own families, and friends, as well as, strangers, would-be employers, and government.

The Traditional Woman

The choices women make or the circumstances in their lives that created their status in so far as having or not having children, is a marked dividing point among women. While some women took the traditional path of wife and mother because they’ve been told and believe “It’s only natural and normal to want children”. But having children is not a requisite for normal or natural. And soon these mothers also found it was normal and necessary to want a good paying career, travel and discover inspiration for spiritual or creative expression. Then the super mom was born nearly killing herself and her family by trying to have it all. But still, these women are considered the good normal ones.

The New ‘Other’ Woman

Let’s look at the new ‘other’ woman. She reached for golden ring of choice offered in the 1960’s. She’s been scorned for taking that ring since. But now, maybe it will be your daughters or granddaughters choosing to not have children. Do you want them suffer as  targets for unnecessary and malice criticism, like your peers have been?

We’ve been labeled selfish, abnormal and irresponsible. We’ve taken it silently masking the shame put upon us as we waited for acceptance, understanding and inclusion. Our emotions come from the same place – we have been stigmatized from your fear of being ‘not enough’. We share it. We are all equally valid. We each play an integral part in the evolving human race and are needed fully to preserve the planet.

It takes integrity and honesty to make choices that are right for you. We can decide not to have children for our own reasons or we can decide not to decide. When life happens and the clock has stopped, it takes a responsible woman to accept that she chose to live the way she did and accept it. No woman need feel regret or shame by the silent or overt attacks of others on her status.

United We Stand – Divided We Fall

The female community has been divided now for the past 50 years.  Giving this brave new western woman equal rights is  one way to unite. Everyone wants and needs acknowledgment.  Financial assistance and governmental support has been withheld from her and this needs to be addressed. For the sake of peace and of the health of everyone, let’s join together to heal the fear that keeps us apart.

When we allow the true nature of  our hearts to unite with compassion, purpose, and passion – we can be a do the work we are here now to do – protect and promote the health of this planet, Mother Earth, and all her beings. Together we are a powerful force – one that cannot be stopped – divided we as the female population are impotent, barren and unproductive in this time and space.

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Help for an Under-active Thyroid

Change is Here

Food is Medicine

If you have an under-active thyroid there are many foods that interfere with your thyroid’s ability to produce needed hormones. You may not realize this immediately if you are taking prescription thyroid supplements but in in time, symptoms will show in your energy, mood, and weight. Your doctor will then need to increase your dose of medication. It takes commitment, mindfulness and trust to heal a body out of balance.

Use it or Lose It

When you eat or drink certain things, you slow your healing down. In fact, you may unknowingly ‘teach’ your thyroid not to produce any hormones by consuming foods that inhibit hormone production.  Your need for the drugs will increase and the more drugs you take, the less your thyroid will work to produce. This means you will need more hormone drugs and eventually you will shut your thyroid down altogether.

There’s More Than One Way to Heal a Thyroid

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease  a year and a half ago. I did not have any symptoms but my blood work and a family history of Hashimoto’s – one sister and one aunt – led the doctor to conclude I had this incurable disease. She recommended Thyroid hormone replacement drugs, iodine, Vitamin D and mentioned that some people find relief with a gluten-free diet. It took a few days for me to process  everything. I then  decided to use my education and research the ways to heal myself holistically.


I met with a homeopath, Sadhna Thakkar and we talked for a couple of hours. I cried like a baby through the conversation. This turned out to be a big clue for me about my thyroid condition. She gave me my ‘remedies’,a few white pellets to dissolve in a container of water and a small vial of tiny pellets.  I drank a teaspoon of the water remedy twice a day for a couple of days. then on day 3, I took one tiny pellet in the morning and the evening. I also took 60 mg of Armor Thyroid Supplement from the MD.

Daily Diary

To help my research and inform Sadhna of my progress, I kept a daily diary that included my dreams, discomforts and daily diet. There were patterns emerging for me to see – I also felt shifts in my consciousness and emotions. On some level I knew I was healing more than my thyroid. On the physical level my energy increased. In just 3 months I  became  hyper-active so we decided to cut the Amour Thyroid hormone in half.

Life is an Experiment

A yea0-and-a-half later, my kitchen continues to be my lab, and the list of Dos and Don’ts  change all the time. I experiment with foods that were deemed ‘safe’ by others and find some that while some ‘agree’ with me – others do not.  Whenever I get frustrated, I know I have to mix things up, dig deeper or try something new.


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SONY DSCThe following food groups and substances have been found (for myself) and others to have an adverse effect on the thyroid’s ability to produce hormones. They can interfere – slow down your thyroid’s ability to produce hormones. they may also interfere with thyroid medication.

If you are not taking a thyroid hormone supplement, try to avoid these completely, especially if vegetables mentioned are raw and limit your consumption of them in portion and frequency when cooked. Keep a variety of food choices and meals in your menu, rotate foods and dishes.

                                                   Gluten Foods




GMO Foods

Goitrogenic Foods


Processed Foods




Radiated herbs spices – radiation of any kind





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