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Guilford Autumn 2016

You experience awareness when you are fully present, aware of everything as it happens, inside and outside of you. The thoughts you think and that whi...

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What is Awareness?

Falling Ivy crawling up a tree Guilford, Ct 2016

Whether its past memories, negative thinking or destructive behavior patterns, it's possible to let it go. You can use a practice to quickly ease your...

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Let Go with Breath

Guilford, Connecticut, Autumn 2016

Love Your body, is sometimes easier to say than do. I painted this one morning while I was processing frustration with my body. I was recovering from ...

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Love Your Body

butterflies at Hammonasset

Mindful Problem Solving Maybe you’ve experienced a time in your life when a¬† problem (theirs or yours) created a major drama and in the end tur...

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Stress-Less Problem Solving

Autumn sunset with ducks in Guilford, Ct

I painted this without thinking one day, I was very happy because of a sweet memory.If you want to shift into peace or joy, choose a memory that makes...

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Be a Perfect Stranger

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