Lose that Belly Now

MeditationOnly the Buddha or Santa need a big belly – the rest of us want a flat, firm stomach. But it is not so easy to have and keep for this reason – not one workout or diet is right for everyone.  This is due to the differences in our body and belly types.

There are 5 types of bellies and different approaches work for each type. Find your tummy type and the plan to have a flat stomach this summer in this quick guide.  http://wp.me/P2QpFI-16T


Spring Ahead

Yellow flowersBy Dana Micheli

This has felt like the longest winter in history (or at least in the past several years!)  And now that it is nearly over and the first signs of spring are emerging, I realize that the normal energizing force at this time of year has been made even stronger by the anticipation of it.  Like the flower bulbs waiting for the right conditions to bloom, so have we been waiting for the right time to move forward, grow, and evolve, in all our endeavors. It’s also stronger due to the Solar eclipse and super new moon! Since we’ve had the long winter to re-think and review what works and doesn’t… we can move forward with new spring energy with well-made plans.

As often the case at the start of a new season, it is also time to make any necessary “attitude adjustments” concerning abundance.  This means sitting down with ourselves and thinking about what we really want to achieve, not only in terms of material wealth, but in relationships, passions, and health. You may find that outdated expectations, old hurts and negative thinking are weighing you down. By being very clear about what matters to you now, you will be able to free yourself of past disappointments and move on.

Before you say, “Ugh, I am sick of re-evaluating such things!”, I have something significant to add in regards to evaluating and planning our move forward. Spring is also a time of lightheartedness and fun.  Make time for play, whether it is getting together with friends or being in nature to enjoy the new growth. Practice mindful breathing (inhale to receive and exhale to give) to remind yourself that just as there is always an abundance of air to inhale and exhale, there are just as many possibilities and opportunities “in the air”.

Finally, spring is also a reminder that even while abundance might be buried (whether under piles of snow or piles of bills), it is right under the surface, just waiting to be found!

Yoga or Pilates?

Grounded in energy(1)

Yogini by Denise Demaras


Which is Right for You?

I’ve been asked often which is better – yoga or Pilates? Well, the answer depends upon your intentions for your body, mind and heart as well as your physical ability and condition. Beyond the machines used for reformer, the method of Pilates is quite different from yoga but the outcome can be similar with certain rigorous yoga practices.

Check this well presented infographic to see which is right for you.


Manage Menopause Naturally

060Most women experience dramatic hormone changes as they enter their 40’s, some even sooner. These hormone shifts  are often at the very least, uncomfortable. When our hormones are out of balance, it seems life is also out of balance and as difficult as the symptoms we experience. This is natural because our perspectives and attitudes are often masked or shaded by these physical symptoms.

But these changes are manageable and you don’t have to take possibly harmful hormone replacement drugs. Much of the discomfort that can alter an otherwise fine day is avoidable. Lifestyle enhancements help ease hormonal changes providing balance with a new perspective and improved mind-body-heart health. No matter what your age you’ll find these four tips help manage the common symptoms and complaints of menopause and life beyond.

Be Gentle with Yourself.

Find a calming and easy self-healing practice you enjoy. This way you will not want to miss it even for one day. Meditation, Slow, Yin, Gentle or Kundalini yoga, Tai chi, Swimming, Painting, Singing, Dancing, or Walking are a few practices that keep you in balance physically, mentally and emotionally when life is demanding or your body is naturally changing. They also have the added benefits of increasing flexibility, decreasing fat, negative thinking and …wrinkles.

Food is Medicine

Include more pure water, organic veggies and fruits and reduce or eliminate caffeine, alcohol, meat and sugar in your diet. Whole organic foods have warming and cooling properties along with the nutritional values that can balance your blood sugar and hormones while energizing you naturally. Let me help you find your bodies unique nutritional needs for your best health.

Breathe Clean Air Deliberately

When we experience any kind of stress, it’s natural to hold our breath.Ironically, this is when we need our breath to find ease. Conscious deep, full breathing is a natural remedy for stress and anxiety relief. One deep breath can change your whole perspective on a matter by clearing your mind and calming your heart. It also cools down a ‘hot flash’ and night sweats.

Live from your Heart.

Accepting and embracing your true nature, recognizing what makes you ‘tick’ and what ‘ticks’ you off is key to living stress-free and healthy – especially as you age.

  • Indulge yourself as you would a pet or a child to experience new or old dreams.
  • Discover and support what your body, mind and heart desires and avoid distractions such as unhealthy relationships, activities, food and substances.
  • Practice mindfulness to stay connected to your heart
  • Spend time outside to know your true nature

When you live life this way, you age gracefully, experience authentic loving relationships and handle what happens inside or outside of your body with ease.

To learn more read Heal from Your Heart with Breath, Rhyme and Art

Flowing with the Changing Seasons

Heal Yourself with Breath, Rhyme and Art

Flowing with the Changing Seasons

We are shifting into Spring, the tie of year associated with new beginnings. Last season we were indoors reflecting our lives, creating goals, and maybe even planning ways to make them come true. Now we can make our own new beginnings by clearing out what has to go, updating what is we love of creating something fresh and new.

Procrastination sets in sometimes with pollen in the air. The new spring grass, budding trees and blooming flowers are calling us outdoors – but you can have fun with nature and tend to the needed changes you want for your life. Anything is possible when we commit to mindfully ease into change supported by the flow of life.

Go with the Flow

Learn to move gracefully with joy and live life fully by flowing with life. Often we stand in our own way to happiness and health. We might be doing this by over-thinking. Before we take one step towards our dream our thoughts can talk us out of it!  When you have awareness of the over-thinking process, you can release resistance and hesitation to whatever is new or will take you in a new direction. Even if we are unhappy with what is old, we often refuse to let it go. But when we do we find unbounded energy and enthusiasm for all that life delivers. You also make the best decisions to support your highest good and most cherished dreams.

When you stop focusing on making changes and flow with life, you’ll see that changes compose the adventure of Life. Mindfulness methods help you ease into the flow of living with changes.

Mindfulness Methods

Mindfulness practices are the way to connect with the flow of life in each moment. This way you realize deep healing and happiness in all the areas of your life. Flowing with life as it occurs takes the big drama around change away. It happens organically, like the seed turning into a flower, the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. You become the person you were always meant to be.

Practices are best when consistent, fun and creative. They naturally lead to a lifestyle that supports your whole health, body, mind and heart. They also restore your innate balance by clearing mental and emotional blocks. Learn life changing mindfulness methods such as meditation, art and creativity for healing, Rhyme to Heal© to always live from your heart and positively change the course of your life.

Learn more here.